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Write for us articles related to how-to tech tutorials, gaming, tech DIYs and other stuff that can make your life more convenient by using technology.

You might be a new visitor or long-time reader of Bestsoltips. But let us give you a short introduction.

This website provides laptop, desktop, and smartphone step by step troubleshooting, tips, tricks, solutions, and other stuff that can make your life more convenient by using technology. You can read more about us here.

We have a good number of social media followers, which makes us a community of people who want to help you prosper at whatever you do or provide solutions to your problems.

write for us

But of course, we have to admit that we are not perfect.

Therefore, we are always glad to individuals who want to work with us by submitting any contents that fit our niche.

If you are among these fellows that share the same level of quality and passion as us, then we are inviting you to collaborate with us.

In short, we want your content to appear on this website!

Reach us through this email [email protected] and in your message, kindly use this phrase “I want to do a guest post” as your subject line. That way, we can quickly prioritize you over the bulks of emails that we receive on a daily basis.

But before you start hitting your keyboard and pouring your ideas, let us give you our guidelines first.

Guest Post Topic Ideas

  • Tech guides
  • Computer (laptop, desktop) troubleshooting, tips, tricks, and solutions
  • Smartphone (Android, Apple) troubleshooting, tips, tricks, and solutions
  • Software reviews and guides
  • Writing tips
  • Technology tips
  • Tech DIYs
  • App reviews and guides

Preliminary Guidelines to Write for Us

  1. You need to submit at least three topics that you want to write for us.
  2. Tell us who you are. What are your interests? Do you have any sites that you are currently running?
  3. Give us a sample of your work (one example is perfect)

Article Guidelines

Before writing up and sending us any guest post material, make sure your content adheres to all our basic standards.

Following the rules below will help ensure your content makes it through the process and actually gets posted!

Content Must Be Unique

We don’t accept re-printed material or content that has been plagiarized from other sources — including your own past articles. This restriction includes taking basic content and re-wording it slightly.

When you need to pull information from other experts, make sure to cite your sources. Don’t be afraid to link to authoritative sites to provide more legitimacy to your article.

Note that we don’t accept links to primarily buying-focused sites with lists of Amazon prices for a collection of related products.

Focus On SEO

The best article in the world with the most in-depth content won’t matter if no one reads it, which is why you need to focus on optimizing keywords.

Always use the main keyword for an article’s search within the first 100 words, and preferably within the first paragraph.

Don’t overuse secondary keywords, but make sure to sprinkle them throughout the article in ways that make sense and don’t feel awkward when reading.

Find The Proper Length

The average article length sits between 1,000 and 1,500 words. In most cases, that word count offers more than enough opportunity to thoroughly explain a concept or pick a best product.

In some cases, longer articles may be necessary to fully cover a topic. Longer pitches can be approved on a case-by-case basis.

While overall article length is important to note, we also have strict paragraph and sentence lengths to know ahead of time!

Keep your sentences short and your paragraphs shorter. In general, no paragraph should be more than 2 sentences for any reason.

Online readers have a short attention span, so get to the point and move on before they get bored and find a more exciting article!

Additional Things That We Need

Short author biography (We will give you the freedom to link this one on your About Page).

Picture or videos (They are not necessary, but we encourage you to include them

What Will You Get If You Will Write for Us

We will allow you to put anchor text and URL for any links that you want to direct to your site. Take note that the link will be a DoFollow, meaning that it will count as an organic backlink. If you are currently building your site, this type of weblink is quite crucial.

If your content got reactions or comments from people, we would encourage you to reply to them. It is an excellent time for exposure!


Once we approved your request, we want your article to follow this structure:

  • It should be 1,000 – 1,500 words or more.
  • Written naturally and not spun content.
  • Focus on SEO
  • Engaging, actionable, practical, and overall useful.
  • No grammar errors! We can accept slangs but prefer the finesse of proper English.
  • The article should not contain plagiarized work. We can double-check your articles via Copyscape, Grammarly Premium, so there is no escaping here.
  • Properly formatted. Make it readable!
  • Your Bio should be included in the article along with a picture of you

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