How To Turn On Keyboard Light On Lenovo Laptop

how to turn on keyboard light Lenovo

Did you know that the Lenovo ThinkPad laptop is the only laptop that has a unique way to turn on its keyboard light or backlit as some people call it. The normal and regular way to turn on a keyboard light is very much straightforward for other brands of laptop like Dell, HP, Acer and … Read more

[SOLVED] laptop only works when plugged in

Laptop Only Works When Plugged In

Are you also facing the same problem whereby your laptop only works when plugged in? If your answer is yes, I’m glad you found this article because i have compiled a list of solutions below that will solve your problem especially if you are using a Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba and MSI laptop. The … Read more

How To Fix Any Dropped Laptop Problem

Dropped Laptop Won't Boot and how to fix it

Ouch!! You dropped your laptop, now what? Well, after picking up your laptop from wherever you dropped it, there are few things you should consider right away: Your computer might not boot up but still has a chance of being fixed at home. Your laptop may boot up but that doesn’t necessarily mean everything is … Read more

Dell Laptop Brightness Control Not Working

Dell Laptop Brightness Control Not Working

Did you know that there are five ways to control brightness on a Dell laptop? So, If you are in a situation where your Dell laptop brightness control is not working, you are reading the right article. controlling brightness on a Dell laptop is straight forward. It’s either you decide to use the F keys … Read more