Dell Laptop Brightness Control Not Working

Dell Laptop Brightness Control Not Working

Did you know that there are five ways to control brightness on a Dell laptop? So, If you are in a situation where your Dell laptop brightness control is not working, you are reading the right article. controlling brightness on a Dell laptop is straight forward. It’s either you decide to use the F keys … Read more

Dell Beep codes – [EXPLAINED]


Did you know that anytime you hear a beeping sound on your Dell laptop or desktop computer, there is a meaning to it? Some people might get scared when they hear a beeping coming from their Dell computer whereas there’s nothing to be scared of.  The beeping noise represents different types of codes which can … Read more

Top 12 Anker Wireless Earbuds in 2021 – Best to Worse

Anker Wireless Earbuds

There are several cool wireless earbuds in the market today, but we will be specifically looking at all the Anker Wireless earbuds available to determine which is the best for you. I have reviewed each and every Anker wireless earbuds below which would be revealing both their strength and weakness. Choosing the right wireless earbuds … Read more

[SOLVED] OBS Not Capturing Game

OBS not capturing game

Are you also facing the problem with OBS not capturing game? If you fall in this category, you are not alone. I have noticed lately more and more people having issue concerning OBS displaying a black screen instead of capturing a game or a window which led me to heavily research and find a solution … Read more