How to Repair Programs in Windows 10

How to Repair Programs in Windows 10

Programs can get damaged or corrupted on Windows 10 but it doesn’t mean it cannot be repaired easily. On windows 10, there are four different methods and some third-party programs that will help you achieve this. Windows 10 is a powerful tool that comes with great features, and some of these features are there to … Read more

How to Change Mouse Sensitivity [3 Ways]

How to Change Mouse Sensitivity

Changing the sensitivity of your mouse is good decision when you are not comfortable with the default sensitivity on windows 10 In this article, you will learn what a mouse is, it’s functions, what makes it sensitive and some tweaks to help you improve your mouse experience We all look for different ways to help … Read more

How to Find Large Files on Windows 10 Easily

how to find large files on windows 10

Looking for a large or the largest files on your computer is simple process on windows 10 and almost anyone can it. If you would like to know how, I will show you how using different methods found inside windows 10 and third-party apps. A computer that’s running on Windows 10 has an inbuilt feature … Read more

How to Delete Old Emails in Gmail Quickly

How to Delete Old Emails in Gmail

Deleting old or the oldest emails in your Gmail is a very smart thing to do when you want to consider creating more storage space for incoming emails. There are different ways you can achieve this using the Gmail filter to sort through emails and create different methods to help you free up storage. Firstly, … Read more

How to Save Tabs in Chrome [4 Ways]

how to Save Tabs in Chrome

Saving important tabs in Google Chrome can be very helpful when you have multiple web pages to work with. If you are struggling with this, I will share with you different ways you can save any tab in chrome. This will include showing you how to save a specific tab or multiple tabs all at … Read more

How to Create Shortcut on Windows 10 (NEW)

Create Shortcut on Windows 10

Creating shortcuts on your computer is very simple on windows 10 and you will learn how to achive that if you keep reading this article. The desktop is the most popular location to create shortcuts on windows 10 but what if I tell you there are other locations. There’s so much to do in windows … Read more