[Fixed] HP Mute Button Light Not Working

It’s rare to come across a mute button light not working on an HP laptop. If you face this challenge, you should know there’s nothing wrong with your computer. However, you might have some issues with your audio driver.

In this article, you will everything there is to know about your mute button not working and the steps you need to take to fix it.

Hp Laptop Mute Button Stuck On Orange


Despite your mute button light not working, you will notice that the mute button functions just fine.

You can still use your mute button to turn off the volume completely without any issue. The only problem is that the indicator light on the mute button won’t display.

This shows that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with your HP laptop or keyboard. However, you might have issues with your drivers.

Your driver is a component that is responsible for the communication between your HP laptop and devices connected to it.

Most people think the indicator light on their mute button has gone bad, which isn’t the case.

Your indicator light can only go bad when you spill any fluid on the keyboard.

More keys on your keyboard will stop working, forcing you to replace your keyboard in that kind of situation.

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These are the reasons why your mute light isn’t working on your HP computer:

Audio driver

Your audio driver is the main reason why your mute button indicator light isn’t working.

Three possibilities could happen to your audio, and they are as follows:

  • The audio driver is corrupted – Your audio driver can get corrupted when your computer runs into a system error like a blue screen or black screen. The system error has already done the damage, and only by resetting your computer will it be restored to normal.
  • Incorrect installation – An incorrect installation can occur when your computer randomly goes off while Windows update is active. This commonly happens on Windows 10, and that is why you get a warning that you shouldn’t unplug or turn off your pc while an update is in progress.
  • A generic driver was installed on your computer – A generic driver is just a basic driver with limits, and it can’t work like the official driver dedicated for your laptop.

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Windows update

Windows update is also one of the causes for the indicator light on your mute button not displaying any color.

An interesting fact is that most HP users discovered that their mute button light stopped working after a Windows update.

This is because when Windows is updating your computer, it replaced your sound driver with a generic driver.

As I mentioned earlier, a generic driver won’t work as the official driver would.

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To get your HP mute button light working, follow these instructions orderly:

1. Uninstall Audio driver

Here’s how,

1. Right-click on the start menu.

2. Click on device manager.

3. Inside the device manager, click on sound, video and game controllers.

4. Right-click on Realtek Audio.

5. Select uninstall inside option.

6. Check the box for delete the driver software for this device and then select uninstall.

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2. Download and Install the official driver From HP

1. Visit HP’s official website to download your audio driver.

2. Type on your serial number or laptop model to find your device.

3. Select Driver-Audio among the list of drivers and download Realtek HD Audio Driver.

4. Install it on your laptop after downloading.

5. Restart your computer.

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3. Update your computer

By updating your computer, you will reduce the chance of running into common errors like this one.

I wouldn’t want you to update your computer through Windows update because we don’t want Windows to replace your original driver with a generic one.

What you need to do is download all the drivers one after the other from the HP Official website and then install it on your computer.

When you are done installing all the drivers, you should restart your computer.

Note – You don’t have to download all the drivers; download only the drivers you need.

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What is the mute button on HP laptop?

Depending on your laptop, there are three different keys that can be set to be your mute key.

These keys are:

– F1
– F6
– F10

One of the keys listed above is set as your mute button.

Note – Some laptops come with a dedicated mute button that can sometimes be very close to your power button.

Why is my HP mute button not working?

These are the reasons:

1. Drivers

2. Widows Update

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Why is the sound on my HP not working?

Here’s why,

1. Faulty Speakers

2. Corrupted audio driver

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