How to Use Windows 10

Windows 10 is arguably the most powerful operating system that comes with a ton of features and Microsoft really made a difference when they release windows on the 29th of July, 2015.

Windows 10 is the successor of its previous versions because it came as a game-changer. It is equipped with tons of features that will help you get the most out of it.

In Windows 10, you will get the option to customize your experience, maximize your performance, and be protected with their new stronger ransomware and malware security tools.

In this article, you are going to learn everything you need about windows 10 and how to use it.

Setting Up Windows 10 On Your Computer

Setting up Windows 10 on your new windows computer can be extremely overwhelming especially when you don’t know what to do.

It is very important to do it the right way the first time so you won’t have to reinstall and start setting up windows 10 all over again.

Below are a list of articles to get you started with windows 10:

Windows 10 Customization Tips

The windows 10 default theme is great, but some people would prefer to customize the windows interface to their own satisfaction.

Microsoft understands how important it will be for their customers to be able to customize their preset theme to how they want it to be, and that’s why they provided a plethora of customizable options inside windows 10.

In windows 10, there’s a lot you can change to your own custom settings and below you will some helpful articles to get you started:

Windows 10 Inbuilt and Third-party Programs Tips

Windows 10 comes with different cool inbuilt programs that you can use. Sometimes, these inbuilt programs aren’t enough for what you need and that is ok.

Windows 10 gives you the opportunity to install third-party programs as need.

To understand more about managing programs on windows 10, I have prepared a list articles to get you started below:

Windows 10 Performance and Productivity Tips

Windows 10 provides a lot of room to get the most of it when it comes to performance and productivity.

There are certain things you will have to do to improve windows 10 to suit your needs and boost your productivity.

Here are a list of articles to get you started:

Windows 10 Storage and Backup Tips

Storage maintenance is something you can’t escape from using windows 10. Sooner or later, your storage will get filled up and you will be left with some important decisions to make.

Decisions like deleting important files and formatting your hard drive.

To avoid all that, there are certain ways to maintain your storage and keep your files intact.

I have prepared a list of articles to keep you on the right track in maintain your storage.

Windows 10 Security and Networking Tips

Security is very important on your computer to avoid malwares and viruses from entering your computer.

These threats can cause serious damages to your files and put a lot of things at risk making you vulnerable to hackers.

It’s important you equip yourself with the right knowledge on how to prevent this.

Windows 10 comes along with powerful ransomware and malware security tools to keep your computer secure at all times.

These security tools have to be maintained regularly to get the most out of it.

Below, you will find a list of security and networking tips for windows 10 to get you started:

How to Fix Common Windows 10 Problems

No matter how good something is, it’s hard to find anything that is perfect. As awesome as windows 10 is, it still comes with some problem that can piss you off.

Although, most of these problems can be fixed with simple windows and driver updates but there will be some problems that will require manual troubleshooting.

Below, you will find a list of common windows 10 problem and how to fix them:

Advance Troubleshooting Tips

There are some problems in windows 10 that require some specific diagnostic tools like advance options, command prompt, Windows PowerShell, and safe mode.

These tools can help you deal with and solve more advanced problems on your computer.

You will find a list of troubleshooting guide below to get you started with advanced troubleshooting:

How to Use Windows 10 on Different Computer Brands

Windows 10 is available for all computer brands such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, and many more. Each of these brands has its own way of designing their laptops to fit windows 10.

Although Windows 10 is a single operating system that is used on different laptop brands, there are little things that differentiate using windows 10 on two separate computer brands.

These little differences is what i have pulled together in a list format to guide you.

Start by selecting the type of computer you are using and proceed with the guides in it.

Best Computer Gadgets to Buy For Windows 10

Windows 10 is great? yes. But, do you know what will make it greater? it’s getting the right gadget for your computer to experience more out of windows 10.

Below, i have provided a list of the best computer gadgets you should buy for windows 10:

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