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December 21, 2020

How To Connect AirPods To HP Laptop

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In this article, you will learn how to connect airpods to HP laptop.

Airpods is becoming more and more popular since it was launched on 13th of December, 2016.

Aside apple fans using airpods along with their iphones, other people that aren't really a fan of apple are interested in using airpods with the aim of connecting to a non apple device.

In this case, an HP laptop.

Connecting your Airpods to HP laptop is simple and straightforward if you follow my instructions correctly.

The requirement needed is for your Hp laptop to support bluetooth.

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The methods below will work for any version of Airpods.

All you have to do is to follow the instructions correctly.

Steps To Connect AirPods To HP Laptop

Here's how,

1. Open Windows Settings

Windows settings

Step 1 – Search for windows settings in windows search.

2. Select Devices

devices in windows settings

Step 2 – Among the options in windows settings, click on devices to reveal more options.

3. Turn On Your Bluetooth

turn on bluetooth on windows

Step 3 – Switch on your bluetooth to prepare your HP laptop for pairing.

4. Click on Add Bluetooth or Other device

Add device to windows

Step 4 – Click on add bluetooth or other device to reveal three options.

5. Click on Bluetooth

add bluetooth device to windows

Step 5 – Among the three options, click on bluetooth to immediately start searching for your airpods.

6. Open Your Airpods case

open lid of airpods case

Step 6 – Open the lid of your Airpods.

7. Press and hold the button behind your Airpods case

airpods case back button

Step 7 – Hold the button behind your airpods untill you see two blinking white light to make it discoverable for your HP laptop.

8. Select your Airpods from your Hp Laptop

pair airpods to dell laptop

Step 8 – Select your Airpods among the discovered bluetooth devices on your Hp laptop.

9. Play Something

woman listening to music with airpods

Step 9 – Play something.

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If you followed the instructions above correctly, your airpods should be connected to your HP laptop by now.

If you are already thinking about how you can connect your airpods back to your laptop, you don't have to worry.

Your airpods should connect automatically to your HP laptop since it has already been paired.

If you are airpods is automatically disconnecting for no reason, here's what you need to do:

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How To Connect Disconnecting AirPods To Your HP Laptop

Here's how,

1. Search for Bluetooth in windows search.

2. Click on Bluetooth and other devices settings from the search result.

3. Select your airpods among your paired devices and click on remove device.

4. Next, you should connect your airpods again with the nine steps provided above.


Surely, you can see that connecting your airpods to your HP laptop is actually easy and nothing too technical.

As long as you followed the methods i provided, you shouldn't have any worries.

If you are facing situations whereby your airpods refuses to connect to your Hp laptop, you should remove the device among your paired device and then reconnect it it with the method above.

If you are worried about reconnect your airpods after you disconnect it, you don't have to be.

Your airpods should connect automatically when you are in close range with your Hp laptop and bluetooth is enabled on both devices.

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Why are my AirPods not connecting to my HP laptop?

These are the common reasons why your Airpods is not connecting to your HP laptop:

1. You haven't turn on your Airpods bluetooth.

2. Your Hp laptop bluetooth is turned off.

3. Your Airpods batteries is low.

4. You are to far from your HP Laptop

How do I turn on my Bluetooth on my HP laptop?

Here's how,

1. Search for windows settings in windows search.

2. Click on windows settings from the search result.

3. Click on devices inside windows settings.

4. Turn on Bluetooth.

Will Apple AirPods work with HP laptop?

Yes, apple airpods will with Hp laptop as long as the Hp laptop surpports bluetooth.

If your Hp laptop has bluetooth, you have to turn it on along with your airpods bluetooth for them to pair together.

Why is my Bluetooth not working on my HP laptop?

These are the reasons why bluetooth is not working on your HP laptop.

1. Bluetooth is disabled.

2. Bad wireless adaptor.

3. Your Hp laptop has a virus.

4. You are not pairing on time.

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