Dell Monitor Serial Number Lookup

Today, i will share with you how to lookup serial number for your dell monitor.

Your monitor’s serial number is a specific number of mixed letters and numbers printed behind your monitor.

It can viewed manually behind your monitor and can viewed manually on your monitor through some advanced settings.

Follow my lead.

For the sake of people that has no idea what a serial number is, allow me to explain.

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What is a Serial Number?

A serial number is a unique number or alphabets assigned to an item or product by its manufacturer.

A serial number can be a mix of both numbers and alphabets, it doesn’t have to be necessarily only a number or alphabet.

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Does Serial Number and Service Tag Mean The Same Thing?

Yes, a serial number and service tag mean the same thing.

It’s impossible for a computer to have both serial number and service tag since both means the same thing.

Example Of A Dell Serial Number Or Service Tag

Images below are examples of a serial number printed on a dell computer.

If you look closely when you flip at stickers, you will be able to identify your serial number and service tag.

Now let me show you how to find the serial number for your dell monitor.

How To Look Up Dell Monitor Serial Number

Follow the instructions correctly

Using Command Prompt

1. Search for command prompt in windows search.

search for command prompt in windows search

2. Right-click on Command Prompt and then select Run as Administrator.

run command prompt as administrator

3. Type or copy and paste the following inside command prompt and hit the Enter key:

wmic bios get serialnumber

find serial number on dell laptop with CMD

4. The serial number for your Dell computer will be displayed on the screen. Sometimes it could display your Service tag.

dell laptop serial number

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To check for your serial number manually, follow these instructions carefully.

1. Turn Of Your Dell Monitor

Start by switch your dell monitor, the reason for this is because we don’t want anything to go wrong with your internal hardware when you flip your monitor over

2. Flip Your Dell Monitor Over

After you turned of your dell monitor, flip your monitor to the back because that is where your serial number and service tag is located.

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3. Locate Your Serial Number

Just like i mentioned earlier, you will see your serial number or service tag printed on a sticker behind your monitor.


how to find dell service tag if sticker is missing

If your sticker is missing or wiped off, you can find your dell service tag through command prompt by following this guide.

where to find serial number on dell laptop

Your Dell Serial number can be found through windows command prompt and also by looking for a sticker at the back of your laptop.

Most laptops require you to pop out the battery before you can view the sticker.

Is Serial Number and Service The Same Thing?


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