Dell Laptop Won’t Turn On Even When Plugged In

You pick up your dell laptop and all of a sudden and you realized it won’t turn on even when plugged in. You have tried to figure out what is going on with your laptop but you just don’t know where to look.

Dell laptops are just like any other branded laptop that tends to develop a problem one way or another especially when you are running on windows 10.

Today, I will share with you everything you need to know to help you resolve this minor issue.

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Why Won’t My Dell Laptop Turn On

These are the reasons:

1. Power Cord

Sometimes, a power cord could be the problem. The power cord can go bad due to electrical issues. There are other times where you think your power cord is the problem only to find out it’s the wall socket or extension.

Power cord and wall socket should be the first thing you check and you will find troubleshooting methods below.

2. Battery

How long do you charge your battery?

How long have you been using your battery?

Charging your laptop battery for too long can damage your battery. There are some cases where your battery might discharge even when your charger is plugged in. in this kind of situation, your battery will be unable to charge and won’t have enough energy to turn on your laptop.

It’s important you check if your battery is drained or has simply gone bad. Troubleshooting methods are below.

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3. Internal connection

Internal connections are extremely important for your laptop to work properly. if you fell down or hit something, there could be a little chance that the incident might have let some wires loose inside your laptop. For example, wires like your laptop battery connection cable might have been disconnected resulting from your computer falling down.

Check all your internal cable to see everything is well plugged in. The troubleshooting methods are below.

4. Overheating

All laptops have a processor and these processors have internal thermal protection that shuts down your laptop when your laptop overheats. In this kind of situation, your laptop won’t come on as long as your laptop is still very hot. your laptop has to cool off first before it can actually come on.

It’s important you check if your laptop is extremely hot. The troubleshooting methods are below.

5. Hardware Problems

The ram, motherboard, and processor are the most like hardware that could go wrong. If your laptop has a bad ram, this problem can make your laptop not to come on. The same goes for the motherboard and processor.

It’s important to check if you have any hardware issues that could result in your laptop not coming on. The troubleshooting methods are below.

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How To Fix Dell Laptop That Won’t Turn On

1. Check If You Have a Bad Power Cord or Wall Socket

You need to find out if your power cord is bad or not properly plugged in. Try your dell charger on someone else’s laptop to find out if it still works.

If you don’t have any friends with a Dell laptop, smell your charger for a burnt smell. If it is fine then proceed to your wall socket or extension to check if they are working properly.

You can also remove your battery and plug in your power cord to your laptop and try to see if your laptop will come on.

Check your LED light that indicates if your laptop is charging to see if it is actually blinking. If your LED light is blinking, hold your power button for 30 sec without your charger and battery. After you have done that for 30 sec, put your battery back into your laptop and connect your power cord then turn on your laptop.

If your laptop doesn’t come on, Try the same method with only your battery in your laptop, don’t connect your charger. Hold for 30 sec and then turn on your laptop with your charger plugged in. If your dell laptop refuses to come on, try the method again with only your charger connected to your computer, remove your battery and then hold for 30 sec and then turn your laptop on.

If none of this troubleshooting method work for you, proceed to the next method.

2. Check If Your Battery Is Low or Dead

Start by checking your battery connection cable to see if it properly plugged in. If your battery connection cable is well plugged in, remove the connection cable and put it back then try turning on your computer.

Note – Look at your LED light to see if it is blinking. As long as it is blinking, it means your laptop battery is low and simply needs to charge. If your LED light doesn’t show any light, connect a different laptop charger or power cord to your laptop and then turn your computer on without your battery in.

If you see a light on your LED, it means your battery is dead and needs to be replaced.

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3. Disconnect and Reconnect your Internal Cable Connection

Note – This process is not for anyone without experience, if you don’t know how to open a laptop, please seek the help of a professional.

Not to take any chances, you need to open your computer with a screwdriver. Locate all the connection cable, remove them and wipe them with a clean cloth then put them back properly in their rightful place.

Now turn on your computer with your everything plugged in including your charger and battery. If your computer is still not turning on, you shouldn’t worry. proceed to the next step.

4. Check Your Dell Laptop For Overheating

Touch your laptop to feel how hot it is. If your laptop is really hot, it simply means your computer will come on after your laptop cool off.

For your laptop to overheat means your laptop fan is not working.

To find if your laptop fan isn’t working, you wait for your laptop to cool off and then turn your laptop on. While your laptop is on, put your fingers really close to the fan vent to feel air coming out. If you don’t feel anything, Take your ear close to the fan vent and try to listen to your laptop fan if it’s moving at all. It’s not rocket science, you will surely be able to tell if your laptop fan is working.

If your laptop fan is working, then you simply have to stop placing your laptop on your pillow or bed. If your fan isn’t working, I suggest you get yourself a cooling pad here. You should consult a professional to help you replace your dell laptop fan.

5. Check Your Hardware

Note – This process is not for anyone without experience, if you don’t know how to open a laptop, please seek the help of a professional.

Open your laptop with a screwdriver, locate your RAM and remove your ram from the slot. Use a clean cloth to wipe your RAM, check your RAM slot to see if it’s dirty so you can clean it. After cleaning your RAM and RAM Slot, Insert your RAM back into your laptop and turn your computer on with your charger plugged in.

If you are unable to fix your laptop, then I suggest you give a laptop engineer to help you diagnose and fix your computer or you can let Dell help you fix your laptop by going to their website.

If any of these method work for you, continue reading.

How To Prevent This Problem

1. Update Your Drivers Regularly

To update your drivers, visit Dell’s official website to download and install your drivers manually. If you want to save yourself from the stress of downloading and installing your laptop driver. you can consider using Driver Easy. This software will help you update your drivers automatically.

2. Windows Update

Set your windows to perform windows update for you automatically, To do this -click on start and search for windows update. Open windows update and goto advance. In advance settings, you can let Windows automatically update your laptop.

3. Protect Your Laptop

I recommend you get yourself a laptop bag to protect your laptop anytime it falls down.


When your dell laptop won’t turn on even when plugged in, you basically have to go through the solutions i provided to resolve it.

Everybody might experience a similar problem which might not entirely be the same problem that’s why I made sure I covered every possible troubleshooting method to help you with your computer.

I hope you have successfully fixed your dell laptop and i will love to a positive reply in the comment section.

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