Dell Laptop Brightness Control Not Working

Dell Laptop Brightness Control Not Working

Did you know that there are five ways to control brightness on a Dell laptop? So, If you are in a situation where your Dell laptop brightness control is not working, you are reading the right article. controlling brightness on a Dell laptop is straight forward. It’s either you decide to use the F keys … Read more

Dell Beep codes – [EXPLAINED]


Did you know that anytime you hear a beeping sound on your Dell laptop or desktop computer, there is a meaning to it? Some people might get scared when they hear a beeping coming from their Dell computer whereas there’s nothing to be scared of.  The beeping noise represents different types of codes which can … Read more

Dell Laptop Battery Light Flashing Orange And White

dell laptop battery light flashing orange and white

Is your Dell laptop flashing orange and white light when plugged in? if your answer is yes, you are in the right place. This problem is very easy to fix and the coolest part is that you can fix it yourself. You don’t need to wate money by hiring a computer engineer. As a dell … Read more

How To Wake Up Dell Laptop From Sleep Mode

black man sleeping

Waking your Dell laptop from sleep mode can be frustrating when your dell laptop refuses to wake up. This problem generally occurs on all Dell laptop models. However, most Dell users using an Inspiron, precision, or latitude laptop model complain more often through the dell community. Most people don’t know that there isn’t much difference … Read more