[Fixed] HP Mute Button Light Not Working

Hp Mute Button Light Not Working

It’s rare to come across a mute button light not working on an HP laptop. If you face this challenge, you should know there’s nothing wrong with your computer. However, you might have some issues with your audio driver. In this article, you will everything there is to know about your mute button not working … Read more

HP Laptop Mute Button Stuck On Orange

Hp Laptop Mute Button Stuck On Orange

Lately, there’s a bug discovered on most HP laptops where the mute button is usually stuck on orange. The exciting thing is that while the mute button is stuck on orange, the mute button’s volume works just fine. The only problem is that the indicator light on the mute button won’t stop showing orange. If … Read more

How To Wake Up Dell Laptop From Sleep Mode

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Waking your Dell laptop from sleep mode can be frustrating when your dell laptop refuses to wake up. This problem generally occurs on all Dell laptop models. However, most Dell users using an Inspiron, precision, or latitude laptop model complain more often through the dell community. Most people don’t know that there isn’t much difference … Read more

How To Start A Blog That Makes Money

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Are you wondering how you can start a blog? Or, have you been thinking about it for a while but not sure how to set it up? In this article, you will learn my exact methods for setting up a blog that helped me earn money quickly. I have earned more than $30,000 in my … Read more

[SOLVED] HP Laptop Randomly Restarts

Hp Laptop Randomly Restarts

In a situation where your HP laptop randomly restarts while you are using it, you should understand that you are getting a sign that could be a major issue with your HP laptop. However, it might not be a major issue if it was caused by a program installed on your computer unless if it … Read more